ResinLab entered into a global agreement with Dow Corning Corporation to establish an alliance to provide custom silicone formulations. This new alliance is called Rapid Exact and it will focus on supplying low complexity modifications to Dow Corning products.  (View Press Release.)

Our new 107,000 sq. ft. building is shared with our sister company KitPackers, which has been an authorized repackager of Dow Corning products since 1997. This new first class facility has dedicated equipment and space for formulating and custom packaging of silicones.

In addition, ResinLab has an extensive analytical lab with qualified technical staff to fully support this new Rapid Exact program.

As the name suggests, Rapid Exact now provides all Dow Corning customers with the opportunity to get a customization rapidly and exactly. Should you require an alteration of color, viscosity, or the addition of spacer beads, our Rapid Exact team can deliver Dow Corning certified product in a very short timeframe.  To discuss your application and request samples or a quote, please Contact Us.