Medium speed system for high strength bonds to unprepared metals, most plastics and FRP. Excellent peel and tensile strength.18 - 25 minute handle time. Good resistance to common industrial and automotive fluids.

AR4315HP 50MLResinLab AR4315HP Acrylic Adhesive Off-White 50 mL Cartridge

ResinLab AR4315HP is a structural adhesive that forms tough, high strength bonds on metals without surface preparation. 50 mL cartridge.

AR4315HP 50ML



img placeholderResinLab AR4315HP Acrylic Adhesive Off-White 400 mL Cartridge

ResinLab AR4315HP is a Methacrylate structural adhesive formulated to bond almost all engineered thermoplastics. 400 mL cartridge.

AR4315HP 400ML